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Since any migration from one major version to the next requires careful planning and unfortunately, as was said before, quite often even the migration between minor versions can be problematic well, otherwise you would not read this book , it is quite understandable that PHP users are rather skeptical against new PHP versions. Since you cannot combine new versions of certain software components with older versions of other components, because the API has changed between versions. Also, the users should not be left out of the equation, since they ultimately decide wether a system is going to be used or not. Changement Psacal Qnap in Question avant achat. We have already learned that even small programs can have a large number of execution paths, so that full test coverage of a real application is hardly possible. Les distributions de cartes favorisent toujours une seule équipe. These aspects are the platform, operating system, web server, database, PHP itself, the PHP source code and some other aspects that might seem unimportant at first glance, like system configuration, external programs, or interfaces to third-party systems. Et sur 59 hardware aussi les synology en tête, C est quoi qui fait cette différence?

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Also, the users should not be left out of the equation, since they ultimately decide wether a system is going to be used or not. In this chapter we will deal with basic migration strategies. Also, the users and management need to be aware of the fact that no solution in information technology is final. Migration is inherently a part of IT life. The question is not whether another migration will ever be required, but when the next migration will be required.

Never Touch a Running System Anyone who was ever responsible for system administration, even if it was only their own computer, knows the problem: right before you quit work, start the weekend or even vacation, a small software update is required, the system configuration must be changed, or a new application must be installed.

Even when things seem to be in order at first glance, you never know whether your system is still going to work after the first reboot.

php architect's Guide to PHP 5 Migration

Sometimes changing a small and seemingly innocent setting is enough to give you a few hours of troubleshooting after the first reboot. Of course it is purely superstitious, but sometimes you could start believing that a computer actually realizes that you are short on time or an important deadline is approaching, only to cause trouble.

An often-quoted golden rule if not the one golden rule of information technology therefore is: never touch a running system.

System Environment The term running system primarily refers to production systems. If a system needs only be available during working hours, maintenance work can be done in the evening or at the weekend. Before starting, you should plan for enough spare time Download from Wow! Today, many systems must be available 24x7. For some businesses, downtime must be announced weeks in advance, requiring careful planning of system maintenance work. To keep downtime short, all changes to the production system should be tested on an identical test system, before you apply any changes to the production system.

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Unfortunately, in reality, identical test systems are not always available because they can be quite expensive to keep if a high-capacity production system is used. Virtualizing systems can cut the costs, but the bigger the differences between the test system and the production system are, the more sources of trouble there are.

Maybe this is one of the reasons for the recent trend to also virtualize production systems. The less documentation there is available for a system, the better off you are not to make any unnecessary, seemingly harmless changes. If, after such a change, the system does not work as expected anymore, and you fail to put the system back into a working state, the question is how a replacement system needs to be installed and configured.

If the original system can still be used as a guideline to install and configure the replacement system, it is rather easy to set up an identical or at least similar system. If no replacement hardware is available and you have to reinstall the old system, you never know the outcome, since you deprive yourself of any fallback position when you erase the old system.

In any case, you need a backup of all relevant data and settings. The best solution is to keep the original hard disk and reinstall the system on a new hard disk.

Ringtone Maker Free pour Android - Téléchargez l'APK

Of course, this only works when you have direct access to the server. It is not really an option if you use a rented server in a remote data center.

It is always a good idea to only make changes to the system that have a clear benefit. Before installing anything, test on another system and always keep at least one fallback position that allows you to roll back to a working system, in case things go really wrong.

The next serious problem can cause a chain reaction, as the following example shows. One day you decide to clean up behind your server so you figure that it might be a clever idea to unscramble all the cords. You shut down the server and clean up. Once you are done, you try to reboot the server, but realize that it does not work any more, because the hard disk has died.

As a matter of fact, hard disks rarely fail while running, but mostly when rebooting the server. You need to get a new hard disk. Unfortunately, no a hard disk with an adequate interface is in stock.

The hard disks you and your computer dealer have in stock are not supported by your server. Since you cannot wait for a compatible hard disk to be delivered, you have to switch to a different server hardware.

Unfortunately, the full backup of the old server cannot be installed to the replacement system, because the hardware required different drivers. Since you do not want to risk an unstable system, you decide not to install the existing backup, but to install the new server from scratch. After two or three failed installations, you realize that the operating system version you were using on the old hardware does not install on the new hardware.

Even if you could complete the setup, you would never know wether the system would actually be stable. So, you are forced to install a more current operating system version. Installation on the new hardware works seamlessly, so your hopes are raised, at least until you realize that not all software components required by your application work on the new operating system.

Since you cannot combine new versions of certain software components with older versions of other components, because the API has changed between versions.


You need to install a current version of all software components to make them work together. Of course, it is bound to happen that your application does not work in the new environment, at least not flawlessly.

You have already spent hours with installing a stable system and now are forced to get your application to work in the new environ- Download from Wow! Things get even worse when the errors that the new environment induces are not immediately visible. In that case, you are likely to face a time of trouble.

You would probably want to avoid a situation like this, because you will be forced to catch up with all shortfalls now. At first glance, this philosophy is warranted, because in the first place, any modification to source code can lead to a program that does not work any more, or does not work as expected.


Unfortunately, it is way too easy to introduce a syntax error when making even a small modification to the source code. In a compiled language the compiler would discover syntax errors quickly, since the code would not compile any more.

PHP has no compiler, though, so even simple syntax errors can go unnoticed until the program is actually loaded and executed. A good IDE will show you syntax errors as you edit the code. Even without this feature, you should try to discover these obvious errors as early as possible.

Thus, after modifying the source code, make sure to run a syntax check. In Chapter 7 we will learn how to run a syntax check on a PHP file at the command line. The fact that source code has no syntax errors does not mean that the program will work flawlessly. A PHP file that is syntactically correct can still contain errors that will show up at runtime, for example when you try to call a non-existing method of an object.

Since the object is created at runtime, PHP cannot know at compile time wether the called method actually exists. Runtime errors that cause a program to stop may be annoying at first glance, but in fact help you find an error rather quickly.


Warnings and notices can also help you discover potential errors that might show up in a completely different spot. A notice about using an uninitialized variable can indicate a security problem in certain PHP configurations. Ideally, PHP code should be written so that no warnings and notices are output, at least not in the default case. In some situations, this means unnec- Download from Wow!

The biggest problem are errors in the program logic. If, for example, you subtract the items of an invoice instead of adding them up, this is an error you can only find by testing. PHP will not output a warning or error message, except when you have built a plausibility check into your software that will warn you when the grand total becomes negative. The more complex your application becomes, the more tests you need to run to make sure that your application does what you expect it to do.


In practice, this is virtually impossible, because program code can consist of an arbitrary level of nested statements. Full test coverage would require testing every combination of execution branches. A large part of these execution paths may only be theoretically possible, and it does not make much sense to test execution paths containing code to handle rare error conditions like a failing database or a full hard disk.

The effort to create tests for these situations is usually not worth the benefit. Due to the large number of tests that are necessary even for a small application, tests should be automated. An automated test compares a computational result to a pre-calculated known good value.

Automated tests are an important precondition for changing and extending existing program code. In practice, automated tests are not as widely used as they should be. Especially for older procedural PHP code, automated tests rarely exist.

Since procedural code is less modularized than object-oriented code and thus more difficult to test. In older Download from Wow! Instead of using unit tests, one could consider testing the application as a whole. Of course, the environment required to test a whole application is way more complex than the environment of a unit test.

In addition to the database that must be pre-populated with sensible default values, a browser is required to execute the Javascript code if you do not want to rely on parsing the generated HTML code. Application tests are coupled to the user interface rather tightly. Sometimes, even cosmetic changes to the user interface make is necessary to adjust a test. Thus testing an application as a whole is no replacement for unit tests, because creating and maintaining them is just too much effort.

In addition, it is difficult to test certain edge cases. There are different doctrines about when and how program code should be changed. In classical software development, program code is owned by the developer who wrote it, and nobody except the owner is allowed to change the code. This restrictive approach is probably also due to the fact that not enough automated tests are present to assure the software quality.

Since nobody ever changes the code, after some time no developer is familiar with the code anymore. The agile programming methods propose collective code ownership. Program code is not owned by one single developer, but by the whole team of developers. This means that any team member can change program code. This agile approach only works well when automated tests are in place. The advantage of constantly changing and improving existing code is that unreadable code and code that does not adhere to the coding guidelines will sooner or later be improved.

The result is an overall better code quality. Nobody should make modifications to existing code without a good reason.


However, as soon as you refrain from making changes to the code just because there are not proper quality assurance measures in place so you cannot test the application or parts of it, program code will start to age. New software versions offer new possibilities, programmers gain more experience and find better solutions than in the past. When developers look at code they have written a couple of years ago, they usually ask themselves whether or not they have actually written that piece of code.

Sooner or later, however, you will end up rewriting your application from scratch, not only because no developer knows and understands the code, but also because the code has grown too old.

No software is free of bugs, be it an operating system, an application, or embedded software. Sooner or later, an error will occur. Even when a program has been thoroughly tested, bugs may show up under certain conditions after months or even years of running in production.

Security holes in the software are particularly annoying, because they might allow attackers to break into a system, and steal or modify data. Security is a big issue, especially in the web environment, because every system on the Internet is subject to potential attacks every day and around the clock. Compared to this, computers that are not accessible from the Internet live in relative peace.

The biggest problem for computers on the Internet are not even targeted attacks, but the white noise of automated attacks that is omnipresent on the Internet. Arbitrary systems are automatically scanned for known vulnerabilities.

Sometimes, to prepare an attack, it is even sufficient to know which software a server runs. Another golden rule of information technology is to always use the latest version.

By using the latest version you can make sure that your system has no known vulnerabilities. Administrators are often blamed for not using the latest software versions. Unfortunately, things are not easy as they may seem. Tests can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence. We have already learned that even small programs can have a large number of execution paths, so that full test coverage of a real application is hardly possible.

To guarantee that an application always works correctly, the operating system, all installed drivers, and all shared libraries would have to be error-free.

This is just not realistic. Typically, you ensure by integration tests that a production system works correctly, at least on normal use of the application. If you install a system from scratch, you should use the latest available version of all software components.

Sometimes, however, the latest versions of different software components do not work together. Before Apache version 2. When developing software, you often have to take the risk of working with software that has not been officially released. This allows you to release your application as soon as the software it depends on has been officially released.

Most of the time, technical aspects like new features that you require turn the balance for using a development version. Using an older version of a software product also has its advantages. Older versions are better tested, and even if they have known problems, chances are good that there is also a known workaround for them. It is usually easier to circumvent a bug than to first prove that a certain behavior is a bug, and then find a way of circumventing it.

When a system has been deployed, time does not stand still. Sooner or later you will face the problem of having to update a certain software component, for example because a security issue has been found. In theory, you would have to repeat the full integration test to make sure that your system still works as expected with the updated software component.

Quite often, though, software components are updated without any proper quality assurance. Luckily, many bug fixes are released as patches today.

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